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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Cultural Adaptivity For Sustainable User Interface: Investigating User Expectation On ASEAN Country



This study investigates user interface with cultural adaptivity on user expectation from ASEAN cultural group. Cultural adaptivity was believed to enhance the usability of user interface websites to attract large numbers of users. The findings lead to the conclusion that provides a user interface for various countries is not enough, due to the difficulty of pinning down cultural background. Localized user interfaces usually modify the most obvious elements to meet the target country and/or region, for instance by adapting to different languages and regional characteristic. Despite this fact, research has acknowledged, the culture does not keep within the boundaries. Research has shown that the interpretation of the national culture, in which the term is leveled with a particular country, will bundle a lot of choice. Thus, localization of objects can help users to navigate the web and access information easily. Environment of different countries and different cultures can interoperate in the context of adaptation and needs to take into account for adaptive support in the context of collaborative activities. This study will also be able to improve the accuracy of regional expectations.

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Page(s) : 95 - 99
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Volume 4 : Issue 1
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