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The study of relationship between whiteness and temperature of rice



The whiteness of rice is a key factor for making a decision to increase or decrease the power of Milling Roller in polishing process which can be impacted to the using of electric power and rice's temperature. Using more electric power will give more whiteness of rice, but there will be more broken rice too. However, estimating the whiteness needs to use the standard device and needs to be controlled to get the accurate value. In addition, this activity delays the process to set the whiteness value stably. So, to faster estimate the whiteness of rice, this research has developed the prototype device to study the temperature of rice from polishing process plus with the whiteness of rice occurred during the polishing process using the image processing to compare and estimate the whiteness by the standard device. The result from the experiment found that the prototype device has the similar performance to the standard device. It is also faster in measurement and can be used in polishing process

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Volume 4 : Issue 1
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