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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Designing Spatial Information Databases Integration Modelling Using Z Spec.

Author(s) : MUSTAFA MAN


Theoretically Formal Specification (FS) approach can reduce the overall software development time. FS can be used to provide an unambiguous and precise supplement to natural language descriptions. Focus to this point, it can be rigorously validated and verified leading to the early detection of specification errors or debugs during software development process. Correcting errors at the early development stage is much cheaper than modifying a delivered system. FS could be verified and validated in order to explore the consequences of this specification and potentially find mistakes. Prior to these, we have greater confidence on the testing of such system against the actual user requirement specification. This paper proposes the use of Z spec approach in designing Spatial Information Databases Integration Model (SIDIM) as a case study of artificial reefs (AR) assessment project. This model serves as a basis for the integration task, and declarative rule languages for specifying integration. Translation from source to target format is achieved by importing data from the heterogeneous sources to the middleware model, translating it to another middleware representation that better fits the target structure, and exporting the translated data to the target system. SIDIM is an integrated spatial and non spatial database model designed to enable easy access to users. It also enables evaluation of AR based on the growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton for each dedicated artificial reefs areas. SIDIM is considered as a method, model or new idea that ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of AR development projects.

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