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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Using Bitmask techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks



The rapid advancement of hardware technology has enabled the development of small, powerful, and inexpensive sensor nodes, which are capable of sensing, performing computation and wireless communication. This modernizes the deployment of wireless sensor network for monitoring some vicinity and collecting required information. However, sensor nodes have limited energy constraint which is a major challenge for such vision to become reality. We consider energy constrained wireless sensor network deployed over a region. The main job of such a network is to gather information from node and transmit it to sink node for further processing. So the aim of any data forwarding protocol is to conserve energy to maximize the network lifespan. Sensor nodes are capable of performing in-network aggregation of data coming from more than one source. In this paper we focused on energy consumption issue and aim to develop an energy efficient data aggregation protocol. To deliver energy efficiency we have considered a cluster-based wireless sensor network. This approach executes on each cluster independently and provides an energy efficient data aggregation in a cluster to maximize network lifetime for whole network.

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