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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Load-Based Fuzzy Logic Approach to Cluster-Head Election for Wireless Sensor Networks



The lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) were limited by the fact that sensor nodes are battery-powered and communication is the main source of energy consumption. Once deployed, the entire network lifetime shows a strong dependency on the battery lifetime of individual nodes. Therefore, WSNs can only subsist on while the battery power is adequate. One of the popular solutions in overcoming this handicap is by using the clustering technique where cluster-heads will be appointed among the sensor nodes with the network divided into several groups. Cluster-heads are responsible to aggregate data collected by its cluster member and transmit it back to the base station. In this paper, we proposed protocol of a centralized cluster-head election mechanism using fuzzy logic since it is capable of exhibiting the situations from the real-world more closely. This protocol uses node’ energy, node’s centrality and distance as the fuzzy descriptor to elect cluster-head. To justify the efficiency of the proposed protocol, comparisons have been made with protocols proposed by Gupta et al. and Z.W. Siew et al. using the simulator, Matlab. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed protocol performs better than the other two in terms of network lifetime, residual energy and the number of alive nodes.

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