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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

New Lateral Load Pattern for Estimating Seismic Demands of Elevated Water Tanks Supported on Concrete Shaft



Up to now, few studies have been done on seismic behavior of elevated water tanks, despite the necessity of water tanks for consuming water and firefighting, especially after earthquake. The scope of this paper is to propose new lateral load patterns to evaluate seismic responses of elevated water tanks supported on concrete shaft and also modeling the structures using simple models such as frame elements, Housner model and Cone model rather than rigorous methods. In this regard, a shaft supported elevated water tank is simulated by considering the soil-structure and fluid-structure interactions. Then the effects of soil type variations on these responses are investigated. By Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) the exact responses of this structure are studied under an ensemble of ground motions. Thereafter, Nonlinear Static Analysis (NSA) named as Pushover is performed by variation of lateral load patterns. At the end, the more reliable lateral load patterns are proposed based on comparison of IDA, as an exact solution and those obtained using Pushover analysis. The results demonstrate the accuracy of proposed lateral load patterns.

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