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Design and simulation of solar powered cooling system in UAE



This paper aims to provide an optimum and reliable thermal design of a solar powered absorption cooling system in United Arab Emirates (UAE). A numerical algorithm was developed to compute the cooling capacity of the solar powered absorption system under the influence of several operating conditions, namely; hourly global radiation, flow rate, and the inlet generator temperature as well as investigating the associated environmental aspects. The proposed cooling system configuration consists basically of flat plate collectors, a stratified storage tank and an absorption chiller. A predictive model was programmed and simulated using INSEL software in order to analyse the performance of the system throughout summer season. A peak cooling demand of 20kW was estimated using Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) for a villa based in Dubai, UAE. The obtained results showed that a minimum of about 50% of the power from the peak demand can be provided by the solar system during high levels of radiation. Also the proposed system was successful to reduce the amount of carbon emission by 3690 kg during three months in the summer season.

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