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International Journal of Chemical Engineering

Immobilization of Nanoparticles of Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalytic Degradation



The use of aqueous suspension of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide for photocatalytic removal of pollutants is not suitable for industrial applications due to the inconvenient and expensive separation of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide for reuse. The nanosized titanium dioxide needs to be immobilized on the support for improving the efficiency and economics of the photocatalytic process. In the present paper, nanoparticles of titanium dioxide have been immobilized on the surface of the support using three different techniques. The immobilized films of titanium dioxide have been characterized using X-ray diffraction to ascertain any change in the phase composition and photocatalytic properties of the titanium dioxide after immobilization on the support. A photocatalytic test has been performed under similar reaction conditions to compare the photocatalytic performance of the films of immobilized titanium dioxide prepared using different techniques.

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