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Securing Virtual Machine in Cloud Enviroment using OVF and Hashing Function



Over the past decade, with Cloud Computing we are advancing to an industry where IT resources are delivered as a service rather than a product. Cloud promises return on investment, scalability and dynamic provisioning. Virtual machines are backbone for achieving all these promises of Cloud Computing. Despite of best effort from industry Cloud faces many challenges with respect to maintaining integrity and security of virtual machines during their lifecycle. Relationship between virtual machine and security is debatable, which divides research in two groups: Virtual machine for security and Security of virtual machine. Open Virtualization Format developed by Distributed Management Task Force is future for security of virtual machines. In this paper, we propose an algorithm which helps to maintain and check integrity of virtual machine during its migration using Open Virtualization format and Hashing functions. Experiment results demonstrate the algorithm. Algorithm increases trust of user in Cloud environment by increasing integrity in migrated virtual machine.

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Volume 3 : Issue 3
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