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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Performance Evaluation of DSR, AODV, DSDV, Multipath AOMDV Routing Protocols in MANETS



A Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of various number of mobile nodes connected through wireless links forming a temporary network without any type of fixed topology, centralized access point and infrastructure. In such a network, each node acts as a router and host simultaneously, it can move out or join in the network freely as and when required. Various routing protocols have been discussed so far but in this paper a brief comparison of two reactive protocols DSR, AOMDV and AODV along with proactive protocol DSDV is done. AOMDV was designed primarily for highly dynamic ad hoc networks where link failures and route breaks occur frequently. It maintains routes for destinations in active communication and uses sequence numbers to determine the freshness of routing information to prevent routing loops. It is a timer-based protocol and provides a way for mobile nodes to respond to link breaks and topology changes. As the node performance gets affected due to mobility and position error, the variation in performance are analyzed by use of varying simulation time and it is carried out using NS-2 simulator. The results presented specify the importance in evaluation and implementation of routing protocols in an ad hoc environment.

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