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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Smart Regulator Automatic Room Temperature Monitoring and Controlling with Power saving approach

Author(s) : SOUMYA ROY  


Our main goal is to design a “SMART REGULATOR” which reduces the human effort. This instrument regulates the speed of the fan automatically according to the room temperature and the user defined set point temperature. It will also display the room temperature. If the temperature is less than the set point temperature or exactly equal to the set point temperature then the fan is in off state and when the temperature of the room is greater than the set point temperature then the fan is in on state and the speed of the fan will vary proportionally according to the logic written in the program which depends on the difference between the present room temperature and the set point temperature. This regulator also counts the number of person entering in the room and also leaves from the bidirectional single door room. It will also display that number. If the number is zero that means no person present in that room or the room is empty, then it will disconnect the power supply of the room automatically and which save our power as well which is a very important in recent days. When one person entering in the room then it will again connect the power supply of that room automatically, this reduces the human effort.

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Page(s) : 102 - 105
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Volume 2 : Issue 3
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