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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Geometric Distortions in Scanned Laser Displays



Practically unrestricted depth of focusing, great color saturation, high contrast ratio and high resolution in combination with various video standards are the major advantages of laser projection systems compared to conventional lamp projectors. Every individual pixel is created by collinear superposition of three collimated laser beams in the image. By result, the image stays also properly focused if the distance to the projector is varying or inclined or if curved surfaces are used as a projection screen. Here the laser wavelengths used cover more than 90% of all colors which are perceptible by the human eye. The laser displays like any other system suffers from some inherent distortions. The distortions may be in shape of pincushion, barrel, parallelogram, unequal sides, non-linearity, etc.These systems use high speed scanning in horizontal direction and in vertical direction with lower speed scanning to generate the required frame rate. High acceleration forces required for high scanning frequency often causes bending of the micro mirror. The reasons for such kind of abnormalities may be disturbed biaxial scanning due to misaligned mirror, misaligned SLD module with respect to the optical system, misaligned hinge, laser source misalignment and aberration in the optical system projecting the LSD image.

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