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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Constructing a Competence Structure in Recommending Study Materials Links



Existing structures of knowledge and competencies within eLearning systems may involve the risk of misunderstanding and do not consider a proficiency level. We describe the method of constructing a competence structure from learning outcomes. This method involves the task analysis of subject matters and the parent-child relationship assigning. In addition to this, a competence-based system for recommending study materials is proposed. The competence structure is considered within the process of dealing with learner competences and how the system generates the choices of learning paths in suggesting study materials links. Experiments were conducted to compare the generated learning paths. The results show that learners may have felt more satisfied in achieving their desired learning outcomes when more competence nodes are consideredwithin a learning path. However, an appropriate learning path may vary according to the size of the competence structure and the chosen competences.

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Page(s) : 295 - 299
Electronic ISSN : 2250 - 3765
Volume 3 : Issue 2
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