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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

E-Learning Implementation: Benefits and Challenges in Developing Countries

Author(s) : AYMAN A. ALTAMEEM   


E-learning (electronic learning) is emerging as the new paradigm of modern education. Educational institutions, either willingly or reluctantly, are increasingly embracing e-learning in order to remain competitive and improve their services. Advances in e-learning technologies have initiated significant opportunities and threats to institutions within the education sector. With particular reference to e-learning, the absence of accurate information on the key challenges which influence the implementation of e-learning in developing countries could mislead an institution into implementation failure. The extant research tends to specifically focus on developed countries, with little undertaken in developing countries, especially with regards to the implementation process. Therefore, this study investigates the challenges that hinder the implementation of e-learning in developing countries. It also presents the benefits that have emerged with the implementation of e-learning. The positive perception of these benefits should encourage education institutions to adopt e-learning. Finally, this paper provides general conclusions, in the form of recommendations to increase the success of e-learning implementations. It is significant for both researchers and practitioners, alike, as it provides greater understanding on how to best use their efforts to improve the success to failure ratio of e-learning implementations.

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Page(s) : 98 - 102
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Volume 3 : Issue 2
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