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Face Detection based on Video



Face detection is a very important system used by a variety of applications like face recognition systems, automatic lens adjustment, video surveillance systems etc. These systems need to primarily identify frontal face images and use them for further processing. Thus, face detection forms a primary basis for many systems. In our system, we propose an algorithm that detects faces by four modules. In the first module, we simple will detect moving objects by frame differencing technique of motion detection. In the next module, we will crop the image based on color. We will find a specific range of color of human skin and accordingly crop the image. In the third module, we will verify the symmetry of the cropped parts. A symmetry algorithm will be applied to verify the symmetry of the given part. Finally, we will detect the eye of the face by comparing the image with various eye templates. If during any of the four modules, a part of the image does not meet the threshold of the algorithm of the module, it is assumed that the part does not contain a face and the program rejects that part for further processing.

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