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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Multi-Cloud Computing Environment With An Agent Based Efficient Scheduling Method



Cloud computing is an alternative way of using Information Technology (IT). These reasons may well change the role of IT in the near future, and some of IT’s traditional service delivery models and organizational structures will need to be changed to accommodate the power of computing that can be easily deployed through cloud computing. The practice of computing across two or more data center separated by Internet gaining popularity due to the explosion in scalability and low cost issue. That is further optimized by connecting more than one cloud provider to make the system more flexible. In communication network itis called multi-cloud deployment, where resource scheduling is the key process. The management of globally connected service provider is very much difficult for minimizing the cost. To address this problem we propose an Agent Based Effective Scheduling method for dynamic assignment of service request to Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Taking the security issue, we are also trying to use the Agent based scheduler which is more secure way of implementation. The basic focus of cloud computing is pay-as-you use model and the security concept, both are considered in this paper.

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