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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Virtual IP Generation and Allocation Techniques in MANETs



Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) are growing in popularity due to the abundance of mobile devices, the speed and convenience of deployment, and the independence of network infrastructure. In such an IP-based network, IP address assignment to mobile devices is one of the most important network configuration parameters. A mobile device cannot participate in unicast communications until it is assigned a free IP address and the corresponding subnet mask. One of the most important resources is the set of IP addresses that are assigned to the network. When a new node wants to join a network, it has to be assigned an IP address as part of its initialization. For assigning an IP address to nodes one should meet the following requirements: There should be no conflict in IP address assignment, i.e., at any given instant of time there should not be two or more nodes with the same IP address. An IP address is assigned only for the duration the node stays in the network. When the node departs the network, its IP address should become available for assignment to other nodes. A node should be denied an IP address only when the whole network has run out of its available IP addresses. In other words, if any of the nodes has a free IP address, this address should be assigned to the requesting node. The protocol should handle network partitioning and merging. When two different partitions merge, there is a possibility that two or more nodes have the same IP address. Such duplicate addresses should be detected and resolved. The protocol should make sure that only authorized nodes are configured and granted access to network resources. In the networking or if we are talking about mobile nodes, IP address plays a very important role. In this paper our research work is based on generation and allocation of IP address to the virtual mobile nodes. Basically, whenever a node needs a IP address, it will generate a virtual IP address and allocate that IP address to the particular nodes. We have removed the concept of dynamic allocation of IP address. In dynamic allocation of IP address whenever node needs an IP address, while allocating an IP address to that particular node firstly we have to check that whether this IP address is already allocated or not. If it is already allocated it can be replaced with some other IP address. This process also maintains a table for storing the IP address when there are multiple IP addresses to single node and every time it is checked from the table whether this IP address is in the table or not, if it is in the table it means it is already allocated and we have to choose some other objects. So if we come to our research work it is totally based on virtual generation and allocation of IP address. Every time whenever node needs an IP address It will generate an IP address which is not already generated and allocate that IP address virtually to the mobile nodes.

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