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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Vertical Handoff algorithms using Neural networks

Author(s) : ABHIJIT BIJWE   , C.G.DETHE   


4G systems are expected to rely on multiple wireless networks.These wireless network can be cellular,WLAN,WiMax etc. For switching amongst these different networks, vertical handoff is crucial .Integration of these multiple networks can be done using vertical handoff. Basically, handoff will be keeping the connection alive when the mobile terminal moves from one network to another.In this paper, algorithms on artificialneural networks (ANN)are discussed. To achieve vertical handoff ,ANN is one of the tool which is explored. ANN helps in taking the handoff decision based on RSS(received signal strength), bandwidth, cost, network delay etc. ANN consists of input layer, hidden layer, output layer.In Proposed method mobile terminal performs periodical measurement of RSS and bandwidth samples of two different networks (e.g.:- cellular, WLAN) andvertical handoff decision is taken. Performance of ANN is measured in terms of mean squared error. More appropriate vertical handoff decision is taken as more number of parameters are considered (e.g.:-RSS, bandwidth).

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