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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Intelligent Homes with Energy Monitoring and Control using Smart Phones



In this paper we present the details of a device we have developed which can automatically monitor the movements of people in a facility and control the lighting and air conditioning to minimize the wastage at the same time displaying the energy consumption details in any type of smart phone device. Not only it can display the status of the facility at a given time but also it can be operated manually to switch off some unwanted devices from anywhere in the world. It may be a device that a frequent traveler may like to have installed in his house since he can randomly on/off lighting in his house while he is away to mimic that there are people in the house. Some preliminary calculations shows that using this concept a typical house can save up to 30% of electricity whereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment. This percentage can be even more for a facility with many occupants with many unoccupied rooms. We are living in a world full of electronic appliances, television monitors, and computers. When we get into our car we will see a multitude of displays to indicate the amount of petrol left in the tank, engine temperature, current petrol consumption rate and many more. Did you ever wonder why none of our ultra modern homes have any such displays even just to tell how much our energy consumption is? Did you ever wonder why we cannot tell how many air conditioners are on at a given time in the house and how many are running in rooms without any occupants? Using our invention which we called i-Home we provide an innovative solution to this problem. We have designed and developed a device which can provide a solution by using ultrasound distance measuring sensors (PING Sensors), motion (PIR) sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors. The i-Home will monitor the movements of people and control the lighting and air conditioning to minimize the wastage automatically. Also it has a unique feature where it can display the status of the home at a given time through the inbuilt LCD monitor or on any of the smart phone devices which has the facility to connect to the Internet. Moreover the devices can be operated remotely using any smart-phone.

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