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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Adaptive fuzzy logic based qos management in wireless sensor network



In this paper, the state of the art Quality of Service(QoS) support in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is analyzed.Unlike traditional end-to-end multimedia applications, many non-end- to-end mission critical applications visualized for WSN have brought forward new QoS requirements. As an attempt in this direction, an Adaptive Fuzzy logic control based QoS management scheme (AFLC- QM) scheme for WSN’s with constrained resources and dynamic environment is proposed. This scheme deals with the impact of unpredictable changes in traffic load on the QoS of WSN’s. Coverage, lifetime, nodedensity and energy cost are chosen as input parameters. A bell shaped membership function is chosen to analyze the effect of these input parameters on the QoS of the system as it provides low rise and fall time. Then a Fuzzy Logic Rule Base (FLRB) is applied to take the desired decision to improve the QoS. The system results are studied and compared using MATLAB. It gives satisfactory performance and can be easily embedded in real-time system.

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