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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Real Time Location based Enhanced ACC System with 3D RISS-GPS Navigator for accidence avoidance and Tracking

Author(s) : S.K.DARUN     


The present technologies provide only assistance in a car for controlling the relative speed and distance between two vehicles in the same lane and permit to drive at a constant given speed in a Highway free of traffic and to maintain a constant distance with the vehicle ahead but not collision avoidance But the proposed system provides enhancements in the present adaptive cruise control system, which in addition to collision detection provides a comprehensive solution to avoid collision without the driver’s intervention. Our system with the help of sensors constantly monitors the lane in which it is traveling. The system after detecting a moving vehicle in front (which moves slower than the set cruise speed of our car) will try to switch to the adjacent lane, if unoccupied. This judgment (of whether a lane is occupied or not) is done with the help of proximity sensors attached on either side of the vehicle. In the new lane, the car will accelerate to the set cruise speed and after overtaking the vehicle, it will again switch back to the previously occupied lane, all of which is done without any human (driver) intervention. This paper also proposes a design of MPF-GPS (a continuous and accurate solution integrating low-cost MEMS-based inertial sensors, the vehicle odometer, GPS, and map data from road networks) Despite the traditional inadequate performance of MEMS-based sensors in this problem, the performance is enhanced through a special combination of inertial sensors and odometer that has better performance for land vehicles than traditional solutions.

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Page(s) : 231 - 234
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Volume 2 : Issue 2
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