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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Current-Mode Active-C Biquad Filter Using Single MO-CCCFTA

Author(s) : C. CHAUHAN   , D. S. CHAUHAN   , R. S. TOMAR   , S. V. SINGH   


This paper presents a new current-mode active-C biquad filter employing single multi-output current controlled current follower trans-conductance amplifier (MO-CCCFTA). The proposed filter employs only two grounded capacitors. The proposed filter can simultaneously realize low pass (LP), band pass (BP) and high pass (HP) responses in current form by choosing appropriate current output branches. In addition, the pole frequency of proposed current-mode filter circuit can be tuned electronically and independent of quality factor, by simultaneous adjusting the external bias currents. The circuit possesses low sensitivity performance and low power consumptions. The validity of proposed filter is verified through PSPICE simulations.

No fo Author(s) : 4
Page(s) : 145 - 148
Electronic ISSN : 2319 - 7498
Volume 2 : Issue 2
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