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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

An FPGA implementation of DS-SS communication system using pseudo chaotic sequence generator



Chaotic system are unstable and a-periodic ,making them naturally difficult to identify and to predict .This nonlinear , unstable and a-periodic characteristics of chaotic signals has numerous features that make it attractive for communication use. This field of communication is termed as chaotic communication. Chaotic communication signals have large bandwidth and have low power spectrum density. In chaotic communication, the digital information to be transmitted is placed directly onto a wide band chaotic signal. Spread spectrum is a means of transmission, in which signal occupies bandwidth much more than the one necessary to send the information, the band spread is accomplished by utilizing a code which is independent of data. In this paper an attempt has been made to proposed and analysed the spread spectrum along with the performance analysed of pseudo chaotic code generator implemented in spread spectrum communication system. The sequence generator and the DS-SS for single user are implemented in FPGA as a prototype. The Bit error rate (BER) Performance of the system is evaluated in multi-user environment and reveal that the DS-SS system using pseudo-chaotic sequences as spreading sequences significantly the conventional PN sequences.

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