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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Interactive Multi-Touch Table Integrated with RFID Technology for Hotels

Author(s) : RAJAT VERMA   


With the introduction of multi-touch, a new form of human computer interaction is introduced. Due to recent innovations multi-touch technology has become affordable. Unlike interaction on a desktop computer multi-touch allows multiple users to interact with the same device at the same time. To demonstrate the vast possibilities of multi-touch technologies an ‘interactive RFID-based Multi-touch Device’ can be constructed which can be utilised in a hotel. The objective of the project is to enhance the customer’s dining experience and to provide an enjoyable and user friendly interface thereby reducing human effort and time. The multi-touch table constructed is a camera based multi-touch device which is designed using front-side illumination technique. Card associated with a RFID tag will be used, priced to a specific amount which is issued to the customer at the reception desk. Each order table at the restaurant will have a multi-touch device along with the RFID reader. Customer can now interact with the multi-touch device by showing his RFID card and place an order by selecting from the menu displayed on the order table. This project proposes the methodology of designing an interactive system along with applications to verify the effectiveness of the same.

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Page(s) : 53 - 58
Electronic ISSN : 2319 - 7498
Volume 2 : Issue 2
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