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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A Non-Blind Hybrid Video Watermarking Scheme based on Singular Value Decomposition and Contourlet Transform



In this paper, a new non-blind hybrid video watermarking scheme is proposed based on singular value decomposition (SVD) and contourlet transform (CT).The contourlet transform is a directional multi-resolution expansion, which can represent smooth contours of the images efficiently compared to wavelet transform. The proposed algorithm embeds four binary watermarks in four different scenes of a video. The video frames of each scene and binary watermarks are first decomposed using contourlet transform and then singular value decomposition is applied to selected directional high pass sub band. The singular values of video frame of each scene are modified by singular values of respective binary watermarks using additive algorithm. The hybrid scheme improves the performance of the watermarking scheme compared to the earlier techniques. The experimental results shows that the proposed watermarking scheme is robust for video processing operations such as cropping, rotation, histogram equalization, compression, variety of noises, frame dropping, frame averaging and frame swapping etc., The comparative analysis reveal that the proposed watermarking scheme out performs the video watermarked schemes proposed recently.

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