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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Hybrid Design Approach for Efficient Network Intrusion Detection using Data Mining and Network Performance Exploration



The primary goal of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is to identify intruders and differentiate anomalous network activity from normal one. Intrusion detection has become a significant component of network security administration due to the enormous number of attacks persistently threaten our computer networks and systems. Traditional Network IDS are limited and do not provide a comprehensive solution for these serious problems which are causing the many types security breaches and IT service impacts. They search for potential malicious abnormal activities on the network traffics; they sometimes succeed to find true network attacks and anomalies (true positive). However, in many cases, systems fail to detect malicious network behaviors (false negative) or they fire alarms when nothing wrong in the network (false positive). In accumulation, they also require extensive and meticulous manual processing and interference. Hence applying Data Mining (DM) techniques on the network traffic data is a potential solution that helps in design and develop a better efficient intrusion detection systems. Data mining methods have been used build automatic intrusion detection systems. The central idea is to utilize auditing programs to extract set of features that describe each network connection or session, and apply data mining programs to learn that capture intrusive and non-intrusive behavior. In addition, Network Performance Analysis (NPA) is also an effective methodology to be applied for intrusion detection. In this research paper, we discuss DM and NPA Techniques for network intrusion detection and propose that an approach which will have the potential to detect intrusions in networks more effectively and help in increasing accuracy.

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