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Analyzing and optimizing technique used to optimize RADAR application CFAR function



The paper discuss about CFAR function is one of the signal processing characteristics which performs detection of false alarm rate in cells. CFAR is one of the applications in Radar signal processing system. Paper discuss about the CFAR application and its characteristics and about the algorithm. Analyzing real-time Radar signal processing application CFAR (Constant False Alarm Rate) function in order to get the statistics of CPU utilizations in terms of instructions per clock cycles (IPC), for further improvement in the performance of the application CFAR function. For that making use of profiling tool AMD CodeAnalyst tool which profiles the applications running on system and gives statistics according to our requirement that\'s IPC. To optimize the application CFAR function required to choose one of the most applicable optimizing technique to CFAR function is called \"OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing).OpenMP is an Application Program Interface (API) that may be used to explicitly direct multi-threaded, shared memory parallelism which uses fork-join model for parallel execution. And in further section discuss about the time consumed by CFAR function before applying OpenMP and after applying OpenMP.

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