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Quality Aspects in Vocational Education towards Building up of Entrepreneurship Skills and mindsets – a need of the era

Author(s) : S. A. LIYANAGE


Peace, prosperity, and sustainability are considered as the ultimatum for the countries and economies, and the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations. To peace and sustainability to become a relative reality, the graduates of tertiary education should be entrepreneurs at last in its simplest sense. Furthermore, for the countries irrespective of developed or developing , to maintain the momentum of developments and to look for the gaps and new competencies, creativity and innovation based startups, entrepreneurial skills in their workforces are considered as essential (Global HR Forum, 2018). Hence is the strong requirement for the quality in education to be revisited. Though the above is the need, the responsible bodies are yet to fathom the right and appropriate strategies to face the future challenges and the competitions with this need of entrepreneurship centered education. The main objective of the study is to find out how far the assessments of study programmes gauge the students entrepreneurial mindset. The question papers of higher study programmes were studied comparing a question paper that could be considered as a bench mark which possesses the characteristics that would contribute in inculcating and gauging entrepreneurial skills in students. It could be concluded that while inclusion of entrepreneurship into curriculum as separate subjects or topics in some subjects is visible to some extent, the entrepreneurial discussions are not integrated in an effective manner especially in the assessment modes of written papers. The most question papers that were subject to this study show that they merely test the memory of the concepts of entrepreneurship. Further, it shows that there is little integration of teaching entrepreneurial skills across module wise. The study also creates a research territory as the study areas in his regard are numerous.

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Volume 9 : Issue 2
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