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Best Practice Fundamentalsin Smart Grids For a Modern Energy System Development in Jordan



The incoming technologies and the fifth generation in telecommunication systems are characterized by the spread of IoT sensors and the application of IPv6, as internt will be eveywhere with zero cost. But, unfortuntly the proliferation of IoT devices will consumes a lot of energy, and embrace toxic pollution and E-waste. To utilize the benefits of smart devices and reduce the harmeful of their applications, there isatendecy to apply green IoT devices and green energy aspects. Smart grid starts to arise in the horizon and a plenty of researches are done to utilizethe use of energy, so smardgrids technology is considered an important and dominant factor for modern community to achieve several objectives like energy security, cost eduction, and economic factors that mitigate climates changes by reducing the emission of CO2. Smart grids can adapt to the profliration of energy consumption resources by integratingdifferent renewable energy resources and applying recharging systems like electric vehicle in transportation, so smart grid is considered a good solution in countriesdevelopment through applying technology regulations and rules. Jordan is one of gowing countries indeveloping green energyresourcess, itstarts touse different green energy resources like sun and wind, so Jordan substantially begains to utilize the smart grids practices, reduce energy costs and migitate the environmental pollutions.

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