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Economic Study Of Three Alternatives Of Wastewater Treatment In Baghdad



Iraq suffers from shortage in water resources due to the increase of population and the extension of agriculture lands and studies have shown that the deficit will reach 73% in 2025. The main water resources in Iraq is the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, which provide more than 98% of Iraqs water demands for the various purposes. Since 1970, Syria and Turkey began building dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, causing reduction in the flow of rivers into Iraq. Such a problem may be overcome by increasing nonconventional water resources such as reuse of treated wastewater in irrigation. The treated wastewater is preferred to be used in agriculture, where 75% of water consumption. Therefore, the current study focuses on safe reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture to cover the shortage water resources in Iraq.In order to reach the safe use of sewage water, a case study of the Russtmiya wastewater treatment plant in Baghdad has to be chosen according to the guidelines and laws for future using in the cultivation of crops with an economic return. Russtumiya WWTP is selected as a case study, which suffers from over load in 2020. The first step is to design the WWTP using three alternatives; complete mix activated sludge carbon removal (CAS); membrane bioreactor (MBR) process and; complete mix (aerated lagoon). GPS-X program is used to check the design and extract some input data from influent advisor to capdet work program. Finally, the cost analysis of three alternatives is estimated to choose the most suitable and economic design for the plant . The obtained results from cost analyzes for three alternatives, Reveled that the aerated lagoon system was the lowest current value and the unit cost per m3. Economically, the aerated lagoon system is the most cost-effective.

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