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Siesmic behavior of vestas wind turbine tower including dynamic soil structure interaction



Due to the rapid expansion of wind energy and the growing numbers of wind turbines constructed in earthquake areas. It is required to perform more research works for a better understanding of this issue. Accordingly, this humble study is needed. This study considered the onshore Vestas (V47/660) wind turbine tower which is located at Zafarana Wind Turbine Farm in Egypt. The foundation of this tower is designed as a large rigid reinforced concrete type and constructed in an active seismic region. The main research question is; what is the effect of the soil type, seismic frequency and amplitudes on the foundation and the tower translation movement? Also, the research hypothesis believes that the softer the soil is the greater its effect on tower and foundation deformations. Accordingly, this study has been planned. The aerodynamic effect induced due to the turbine blades has been excluded, while the static loads of the turbines as well as the seismic effect of the regions have been considered. That is to say, the study considered the at rest cases of loading. However, two-time history moods of different earthquakes have been investigated. The foundation soil has been changed two times to investigate its effect. This research could be classified as a numerical study based on finite element analysis in the three dimensions, i.e. 3D. Then, Plaxis 3D-2017, license dynamic VIP version has been used to accomplish the main part of this study. It has been concluded that as the fundamental frequency of the earthquake gets closer to the natural frequency of the soil or the tower, the deformations within soil, footing and tower body will dramatically increase. Moreover, the hypothesis believes previously assumed are found to be true.

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