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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Selection of pulse for ultra wide band communication (UWB) system

Author(s) : ASHISH K. CHARBE


UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology is a reliable transmission scheme for wireless communication with high data rates. UWB is defined as signals with fractional band width more than 20% of its central frequency or as signals with bandwidth more than 500MHZ. UWB can be characterized with ultra-short duration pulses called monopulses which has excellent immunity in interference from sensitivity or multi path effects or fading problems. Pulse shaping and baseband modulation schemes are two of the main determinant factors for its performance evaluation. The objective of the paper is to examine different types of pulse shaping and modulation schemes for UWB performance evaluation. By considering three different types of pulses and modulation techniques the BER (bit error rate) performance of the modulation techniques are evaluated in the presence of the AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise).Depending upon the BER, we decide the which modulation and pulse are considered for UWB system.

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