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Branding Of Religion Through The Mass Media



Media becomes not only a medium but also provider of religious customs, values, and mores. Representation of religious practices and festivals in the mass media provide materials for constructing attitude and views of the audiences. In that vein, this paper presents a theoretical concept of the understanding of how the media represent the religious customs in a different way than the traditional religious values are, specifically taking the role of agenda setting or customizing a frame view. Inspired by Michael Billigs banal nationalism concept Harvard Stigz has also developed a banal religion concept to understand how media provide a religious imagination in our society which bears several differences with the traditional religious views. After this customized function of media, then comes the purpose of this function. Why media do that? That is another aim of this paper. Data were gathered from a qualitative content analysis of three Bangladeshi dailies and online newspapers. This study incorporates the abstraction of mediatization in line with the theory of discourse analysis and framing for the theoretical framework to bring to fruition of the research. This study adds new findings to the limited literature on the mediatization of religion in Bangladesh. This study manifested that the traditions of celebration, people attitude and behaviors to the ceremony have changed a lot over the years.

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