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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Reimagining Educational Leadership: Enhancing Leaders’ Capacity for Disruptive Innovation to Deal with Twenty-First Century Challenges in Higher Education



Higher education has coped up with the lowest proportion of young people who think they are likely to go to university. Generation Z (or Gen Z) whose age is 10-22 will be the students of today and university graduates, employees, and consumers of tomorrow. Thus, it's time to disrupt the higher education system especially on leadership. Leadership has changed during the 21st century. Disruptive leaders always have innovative minds, using an unconventional strategy or changing the traditional way upside down in order to get the necessary results. This study will ask the Ph.D. students as well as the administrators and instructors of Learning Innovation and Technology program, Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, KMUTT how they think about todays leadership styles as well as their research. After survey, both Ph.D. students as well as the administrators and instructors perceived that disruptive leaders should possess all 21st century characteristics except for the following characteristics which are considered to be 20th century characteristics: Information, Male/Patriarchal Model, and Inside-Out. The results of the study should lead to effective leadership in the 21st century, and leaders need to understand how to adapt to new leadership styles.

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