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The Return of Dokra: A revisionary study of the revival and restoration of an ancient historic art form of regional West Bengal, India.



India has a history of rich and diverse cultural tradition. And among its diversity, the legacy of India’s craft culture always occupies a special place owing to its beauty, dignity, form, style and aesthetics. The Indian state of West Bengal also has a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Among the many art forms, one of the primitive art form “Dokra” calls attention to restoration and revival in the present socio-cultural context. With the onset of globalization there are increasing exposure and inquiry for Indian handicrafts as well as the skilful artisans from across the country. Although Indian folk crafts have been benefitted significantly, many of its forms have been facing extinction in the globalized market economy. The reign of many different cultures ushered an era of artistic diversity of traditional handicrafts, masks, painting and carvings etc. There are continuous attempts at various socio economic levels to revive and restore various regional as well as local art forms, the Dokra art being one of them. The present paper attempts to re-examine the almost endangered art from a remote district in West Bengal, India, and assert the identity of the rural marginalized artisans in an urban global space.

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