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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Design and Implementation of Performance Monitoring of DC Motor Based on Microcontroller and Temperature Control of Heat Sink



The electric drive systems used in industrial applications are increasingly required to meet the higher performance and reliability requirements. The DC motor is an attractive piece of equipment in many industrial applications requiring variable speed, good speed regulation; frequent starting, braking and reversing. Microcontrollers provide a suitable means of meeting these needs. In this Project work, implementation of microcontroller, PIC16F877A for of speed control of DC motor fed by a DC chopper is carried out. The chopper is driven by a high frequency PWM signals. Controlling the PWM duty cycle is equivalent to controlling, the motor terminal voltage which in turn adjusts directly the motor speed. Microcontroller based closed loop control system for a DC motor which gives the output as speed at different conditions, system provides over current protection of DC Motor and temperature controlled system.

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