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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Snr computation of various spatial and frequency domain transformation



Embodiments of this paper includes the study of steganography and digital watermarking as a technique of hiding images. Various algorithms on spatial and frequency domain transformation have been studied and their Signal-to-Noise Ratio has been computed. The processor complexity has also been checked to find out which algorithm can efficiently work on robust environment. The original image is decomposed in DWT domain in to three hierarchical levels and watermarks it with a logo image. The watermark is added to the DWT image according to a certain threshold. The watermark can be extracted at lower resolution without computational complexity. Wavelets play an important role in the upcoming compression standards such as JPEG2000. Experimentally it has been shown that a watermark signal can be embedded in high-pass wavelet coefficients without any impact on the image visual fidelity. Many transformations techniques are there but only a few have been studied and a simple comparison and analysis is performed.

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