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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

„Under-Performing‟ and „Performing‟ High Schools: Work- engagement and Burnout amongst Educators



The study of Burnout and Engagement amongst educators in ‘under-performing’ and ‘performing’ high schools is critical as it affects their own well-being and throughput rate of their learners, who in turn provide the higher education institutions with first-year admission candidates. The study aimed to investigate the phenomena of burnout and engagement amongst educators in ‘Under-performing’ and ‘Performing’ High Schools. A cross-sectional survey was conducted amongst educators in ‘Under-performing’ and ‘Performing’ High Schools (n = 310) constituting a convenience sample. The Oldenburg Burnout Inventory, together with a biographical questionnaire, was administered and found to be a valid and reliable instrument to measure the burnout and engagement of these participants. Two reliable factors, namely burnout and engagement, were extracted. Both categories of participants experienced burnout to some extent. Results from the study showed that participants from Under-Performing High Schools were found to be more cynical, while those in Performing High Schools were more exhausted. Work engagement was also found to be experienced by both categories of participators.

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