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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Design of fuzzy controller for transient stability improvement of hybrid energy generation system

Author(s) : H. S. DALVI, N. V. RATHI


This paper deals with soft logic rather than hard logic. Matlab based hybrid model of wind solar and thermal energy generation is developed. Fuzzy logic based controller takes decision As how much non conventional power can be injecting to the conventional system during fault condition so that the rotor angle variation limits and transient stability of system is improved .Large interconnected power system events need careful co-ordination of logical events for complex or catastrophic situations such as huge power swings, Faults, Cascade tripping etc needs careful control and control law in such cases becomes vague or fuzzy. Hence human expert decision is required or expected from automated control. Intelligent decisions similar to humans can very well be handled by fuzzy controllers. Hence the proposed work will highlight the need of fuzzy based decisions as modernized approach to improve the transient stability of hybrid (Wind, Solar & Thermal) energy generation system.

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