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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Disruptive Technology Adoption: An Empirical Investigation in Saudi Arabia



This study will use the technology-organization-environment (TOE) framework; which has been broadly used to clarify how to adopt technological innovation from the standpoint of a business (Tornatzky and Fleischer, 1990; Wu and Chen, 2014) and integrating it with the TAM Model which is modified to incorporate two factors such as perceived usefulness and perceived of ease to TOE framework which recognizes three factors that influence an organization's implementation of technological innovations directly, and they are technological dimension, organizational dimension, and environmental dimension. The link between these technological, organizational and environmental factors and technology adoption such as web services and 3D printers is a conception worth to examine and explore. Although, previous studies have acknowledged significant factors through TOE frame work that can encourage the adoption of 3D printer (CC Yeh, YF Chen, 2018), but as the study recommends that future researchers can add more factors or methods to investigate 3D printer adoption, therefore it’s more effective to include the three factors with the TAM factors. The research will help to locate the effect of the three criteria’s using TOE framework and TAM Model. In addition, Cost is a major player or a major mediator to these elements that will affect the 3D printer adoption decision, which will measure the readiness and acceptance to adopt and use this technology.

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