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International Journal of Business and Management Study

The Recognition of Intangible Quality Aspects: a topic for the Next Generation

Author(s) : A. S. K. WARAHENA, S. A. LIYANAGE


Quality in essence and fineness is essentially an intangibility, even though it is conventionally measured through tangibles which are identified in this discussion as quality peripherals. The peripherals are generally measurable outputs. At times, attempts could be observed to realize quality through what is termed as outcomes, which are exceeding the outputs more qualitatively with in-built characteristics of outputs that are felt by the immediate stake holders of an organization. It is however observable that practicing quality assurance processes are more of „mechanical‟ procedures and processes which are forcefully thrust upon individuals though systematic documentary and supervisory approaches. The adherence to the processes has become dutiful requirements rather than willful compliances seen as inner obligations. While it is accepted that the practicing quality assurance processes are the base, it is suggested here that intangible aspects could be recognized and integrated in order to increase the impacts in which all involved become owners, implementers, beneficiaries, and true contributors of quality assurance processes, which could be realized through what is termed here as Quality Reflective Factors (QRF). Redefining the processes and suggesting a conceptualized framework toward achieving this end with special reference to TVET institutes is the ultimatum of this research.

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Page(s) : 47-53
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Volume 6 : Issue 1
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