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Improving traditional tourism promotion through the application of sensory branding



In an attempt to increase the small persuasive power of tourism promotion on consumers, the influence of sensory branding has been explored and monitored by electroencephalographer (EEG device). Combination of promotional technique and sensory branding can significantly increase the positive impact on potential tourist during making the decision process about destination chose. The starting point of this research is the fact that tourism promotion affects the destination choice of future tourists only with 8% (Travelsat, 2011). With the aim to reveal the impact of sensory branding on the future tourists, organized a neuromarketing research using electroencephalographic scanning of the participants, to explore the extent to which sensory branding can increase the impact of promotion on consumers. A comparison of statistically structured results gives an answer to the question of the extent to which this form of promotion influences the behavior and decision-making of consumers.

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Volume 6 : Issue 1
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