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International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering

Multi-resolution Discrete Cosine Transform Based Image Compression



Multi-resolution analysis has been a very popular with compression specially in video streaming because it eliminates the blocking effects of the DCT which become more prominent in videos. Wavelets are based on the multi-resolution but it is well acknowledged that wavelets are far more expensive in terms of hardware and software as compared to DCT. DCT, however, has been used to compress image but not for multi resolution image analysis. We propose a multi-resolution discrete cosine Transform based method for image compression. This paper is an attempt to explore the possibilities of using DCT for multi-resolution image analysis. Naive implementation of block DCT for multi-resolution expansion has many difficulties that lead to signal distortion. One of the main causes of distortion is the blocking artifacts that appear when reconstructing images transformed by DCT. The algorithm is based on line DCT which eliminates the need for block processing. The line DCT is one dimensional array based on cascading the image rows and columns in one transform operation. Several images have been used to test the algorithm at various resolution levels. The reconstruction mean square error rate is used as an indication to the success of the method. The proposed algorithm has also been tested against the traditional block DCT.

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