Editorial Board

We at IRED, aspire to select research paper, through highest quality peer review. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process must be thorough, objective, and fair.


Prof. Yong A zhang USTB, China
Prof. Kerim Ragim Allahverdiyev Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, Azerbaijan
Prof. Laith Ahmed Najam Mosul, Iraq
Dr. Roberto Pasqualotto Research centre Consorzio RFX, Italy
Prof. Mohamed Hasanein Gaber Cairo University, Egypt
Dr. Nishad Gopal Deshpande Shivaji University, India
Prof. Khalil El-Hami Hassan First, Morocco
Dr. Arcady Putilov Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Russia
Prof. Paolo Di Girolamo Università della Basilicata, Italy
Dr. Bu Sik Park Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States
Dr. Joshi S. Vimal Shri R. K. Parikh Arts and Science College, Petlad. College is affiliated to Gujarat University, India
Prof. Photios Aristoteles anninos DUTH, Greece
Dr. Samantha Wijewardane University of South Florida, United States
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